Refugees arriving on the shore of Lesvos | 2016
Relative size of European countries by number of refugee arrivals, 2015-2016
Refugee camp typologies
Refugee camps in Greece
Lesvos topography, roads, waterways, city centers, refugee camps and arrival points
3D model of Lesvos topography
Abandoned stores along main route in Molyvos, Lesvos | 2017
Abandoned refugee jackets near refugee arrival point in Lesvos, 2016
Dissected life jackets
Dissected life jacket
Life jackets stitched together
Phones charging in refugee camp
Cellular coverage in Lesvos, Greece | 2017
RF propagation provided by Live Jackets, Lesvos
Human Wi-Fi nodes, plan view
Live Jacket Prototype
Unfolded Live Jacket with components
Function A: Life Jacket
Function B: Regular Jacket
Aggregation A steps
Aggregation B steps
Aggregation Units: : Social pods / Resting units
Aggregation C steps
Aggregation C: Temporary shelter
Aggregation D steps
Aggregation D: Social or educational gathering
Dome aggregation at night
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